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Welcome to Photo travel - Travel Through Photographs

Come get to know us

Photo travel which literally translates into India travel welcomes you to travel the magnificent country with us. We welcome you to India’s ‘travel through photographs’ travel magazine. It entitles a neighborhood name that provides a worldwide perspective to the traveler and the reader.

Places have their own Stories

Each place has a distinctive feel about it. It has a story to tell, an experience to share, an emotion to feel. So our editorial content is laced and weaved into the local culture, its customs, the festivities, the clothing, cuisine and much more. Our major attractions are the special travel features that are written by veteran writers and professionals photographs who are always on the go.

The peoples or stories we feature are our common men and women who sometimes act as the protagonist and take through the memory lane. We engage you with deeper conversations that bound to stay with you even without meeting the people and visiting the places.

After reading Travel

We urge all our readers to travel. As we are not only a monthly magazine we are also a travelogue. Through our lively photographs and detailed articles we hope to entice you to hit the road and visit the places we suggest. Since we provide you with an insight about the places, give you tips and know-how, we equip you to turn the voyage dreams into reality.

Designs that Lure

Photo travel (Travel through Photographs) continues to add more and more readers' and advertisers under the belly. With our state-of-the-art, design page-turning online magazine. We have a devoted readership of 'raving fans' because each beautifully laid out issue has exciting content, to quote our readers - "makes us want to travel."


Our website is being designed to provide strategic, high-impact placement targeting brand campaigns across beautiful content and layout.

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